Friday, July 25, 2008


Well its been a wonderful week off with my kiddos. I have enjoyed every day with them, each laughing moment, each rolling of the eyes from my pre teen whom is only 10 but still got to love her spunk! Geana truly keeps me on my toes right now but i can see that with God's help she is going to be a very strong independant woman, I have faith and hope! And I'm learning to listen and let her express her feelings as hard as that may be, lol but she also has that wonderful helping and compassionate heart that i'm so proud of, and a sweet spirit....awww my baby girl.
So anyone that has any sort of advice please feel free to share and share your experiences:)

Also enjoying my son who is a strong spirit as well....oh my goodnes but God knew what i could handle so i'm grateful! Tonio has a good, kind and compassionate heart as well and that i am very proud of also!

We have enjoyed some time at the pool and around the house and its just nice to be able to spend this time with them before school starts, i'm very blessed to be able to do so. Well we are off to the mountains and we are all so excited to relax by the lake:)

Here is a story to share that i thought you all would see how bold my lil man can be somtimes lol..

So we are getting ready for our camping trip and i turn to Tonio to ask his help with the new kitties as i am packing, i asked him to please take the kittens and put them in the litter box and then he turns to me and says "uggg i dont DO the kitty litter box" . .. he is a funny lil man. But mom just gave him a "mom" look and he promptly did what i asked as he huffed and puffed lol!

So any mommy's, aunties, grandmas that have any advice or would like to share stories of their little ones i so welcome all of what you have to share!